Matias Tactile Pro 3

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Matias Tactile Pro 3
Matias Tactile Pro 3 -- top.jpg
Model no. FK302
Branding Matias Corporation
Manufacturer Costar
Features 3-port USB 2.0 hub
Extended ASCII legends
Layouts 108-key Macintosh (US ANSI, UK ISO, German ISO, Japanese JIS)
Keyswitches Forward SKBM White/Xiang Min KSB-LE, Matias click
Keycaps Laser-etched cylindrical
Interface USB
Rollover 6KRO
Dimensions 460 × 165 × 35 mm[1]
Weight 1249 g[1]
Introduced 2010-01
Discontinued 2012
Precedes Matias Tactile Pro 4
Supersedes Matias Tactile Pro 2.0
Price US$149.95

The Tactile Pro 3 is the third generation of the Matias Tactile Pro series of keyboards.


With the Tactile Pro 3, manufacturing was transferred to Costar, after disastrous problems with the Strong Man-made predecessor, the Tactile Pro 2.0. The new Tactile Pro 3 was produced as a Macintosh keyboard only, marking the end of the short-lived Optimizer functionality for PCs. The branding was removed from the redesigned case, which sported more refined lines, moving away somewhat from the Tactile Pro 2.0's heavily Apple-inspired design. Perhaps in line with Apple's own revisions, the power button was removed from the keyboard.

The Tactile Pro 3 continued to use clicky Forward SKBM series switches, now Forward SKBM White. The lock keys, with integrated LEDs, used green Xiang Min KSB-LE linear LED switches, which led to customer complaints and returned products owing to misunderstandings that these three keys were never intended to click. In late 2012, Matias completed development of the Matias switch series; the objective was to begin using these with the then-new Tactile Pro 4, but as the last SKBM switches were used up, the final Tactile Pro keyboards were shipped with the new Matias switches. This transition also finally removed the inability to have tactile feedback from indicator keys.

Being a Macintosh keyboard, only the caps lock keycap has an LED window; the LEDs within the num lock and scroll lock keys shine out through the keycap plastic when these lock functions are used on a PC.

The keyboard has an integrated three-port USB 2.0 hub, and 6-key rollover over USB. The keyboard was marketed as having N-key rollover, but as the keyboard does not knowingly support PS/2, nor any rollover enhancements, the full N-key rollover is not available. The Tactile Pro 4 increased the rollover to 10KRO.

Given the lack of a Windows version, Matias supply a compiled AutoHotkey "driver" script for Microsoft Windows to swap the command keys and option keys to have the Windows and alt keys correctly positioned.


The UK, German and Japanese versions were collectively announced on the 9th of March 2011.[1]

Layout Model number Introduced
US ANSI FK302 2010-01
UK USO FK302-UK 2011-03-09
German ISO FK302-DE 2011-03-09
Japanese JIS FK302-JP 2011-03-09



This was the standard Macintosh model.

Silver and Black Edition

This was a limited edition run using black keycaps and a silver case.


White UK ISO