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Matias secure pro
Matias SP front.jpeg
Part number FK303QPCW (USA)
FK303QPCW-DE (Germany)
FK303QPCW-ND (Nordic)
Branding Matias secure pro
Manufacturer Matias/possibly Costar
Product family 75%
Layouts 75% ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Matias quiet click switches
Interface USB
Introduced 2015
Discontinued yes
Price ~ $150-170

Introductory note

Since Matias secure pro and Matias mini quiet pro are identical in every aspect (physical looks, shape, key switches, supplied keycaps, etc.), except for Matias secure pro having a built-in secure wireless capability, some of the text on this page is same as on Matias mini quiet pro page. The model numbers for these two keyboards are also very similar, FK303QPC and FK303QPCW for Matias mini quiet pro and Matias secure pro respectively.


The Matias secure pro is a 75% wireless computer keyboard, built primarily for the PC (but works well with Macs), made by Matias that uses Matias quiet click switches.

Matias secure pro unique features

What makes Matias secure pro unique and/or different from Matias mini quiet pro are the following features/characteristics:

  • the secure pro is a wireless keyboard;
  • the wireless connection is a secure wireless type using 128-bit AES encryption;
  • all 3 built-in USB ports are charging ports only (for example, attaching a mouse to the keyboard's USB port will not do anything)
  • the keyboard functions only when the wireless battery is charged and the nano receiver is attached to a computer's USB port (this means, no dual, wired/wireless mode of operation -- wireless only)
  • the CapsLock backlight does not have a typical CapsLock function, but rather serves as an indicator for the wireless status (charging, a brief OFF/ON light, needs charging, etc.)
  • there is an ON/OFF white button on the back of the keyboard that turns the wireless ON or OFF – use it frequently or whenever the computer is idle or OFF to save the charge
  • this keyboard is relativly a new product (early 2015) so the question of how long one charge lasts still remains unanswered -- Matias states that one charge should last between 6 and 12 months. The user who follows the printed guide and remembers the ON/OFF button for wireless will get significantly longer usage on one charge. In my limited testing, a fully charged battery gets at least two months with a relatively heavy usage. Also, a fully charged battery loses very little of its charge over almost 6 months when the wireless is turned OFF and keyboard is, basically, either not used or is stored – 1600 mAh rechargeable battery. To (over)simplify:
    • initially charge the battery for 5 hours;
    • turn OFF wireless whenever not typing; and
    • if this is your only keyboard, make sure to charge it before the charge is completely depleted – you can use the charging cable while typing
  • there is no perceptible lag between typing and the letters appearing on the screen that is sometimes reported with wireless keyboards – 200 Hz polling rate
  • the secure pro is just slightly heavier than the wired "mini" Matias keyboards (by about 40 g) and weighs about same as Matias laptop pro keyboard


The secure pro is an all black, 75% wireless keyboard that uses the plate-mounted tactile and heavily dampened (quiet) clicky Matias switches. While it's based on the Matias Quiet Pro, the "secure pro" comes in a space-saving compact form with a secure wireless functionality.

Type feel

The keyboard is solidly made with an easily recognizable Alps SKBM white switches type feel to it but with significantly reduced auditory feedback/sound. This is achieved, as Matias explains, by sound dampening on the downstroke and upstroke. The sculpted ABS keytops make typing more precise by not easily losing the home row position.


On the first look, maybe because of its glossy finish, the case/housing looks flimsier than it is -- actually, the material used is one of the sturdiest, very hard to break plastics. Surrounded by a tough plastic housing and being plate-mounted there is very little torque/twist flex and almost no board flex when the keys are pressed very hard. A weakness of a cosmetic nature is that the glossy finish "attracts" and displays fingerprints, dust, and other smudges.

Similar "mini" shape keyboards by Matias

Several Matias' mini keyboards look similar or identical, but they have either different switches (quiet or clicky), are primarily built for a specific OS (Mac or PC), or have a wireless or wired capabilities (in addition to other less prominent differences):

PC: Mac:
Wireless/quiet: secure pro (this page) laptop pro (bluetooth)
Wired/clicky: n/a mini tactile pro
Wired/quiet: mini quiet pro n/a


The Matias secure pro is a well designed and well built keyboard that doesn't disappoint in any critical way. Definitively, a wireless ON light indicator (that is absent) would help to prolong the battery charge by reminding the user visually that the keyboard is ON. There is probably more room for improvements, but there is no serious negative side to this space-saving 75% secure wireless keyboard. The secure pro is ideal for crowded cubicle-style offices, or offices where (thin) walls were put up as an afterthought, and in any home or office situation where the sound output needs to be low and/or controlled. The built-in secure wireless component adds to the user's convenience and security. The packaging is a typical Matias – modern, professional, and tasteful.

Full specs

Model name: Matias secure pro
Model #: FK303QPCW (USA)
FK303QPCW-DE (Germany)
FK303QPCW-ND (Nordic)
Switch name: Matias Quiet Click
Switch Part #: PG155B01
Tactile: Yes
Clicky: Yes, sound dampened
Stem colour: Grey
Actuation force: 60 g (+/- 5 g)
Dimensions: 337 x 165 x 35 mm / 13.26 x 6.5 x 1.38 inches
Weight: 974 g / 2.15 lbs
Case/keycaps colour: Black/black
Keycaps/legends: ABS, laser-etched/foaming
Switches: Matias switches
Switch mount type: Plate mount
Keycap mount: Alps mount
Contact mechanism: Metal leaf and spring
Interface: Wireless
Cable: Charging only USB cable
Buily-in USB ports: 3, charging ports only
Key travel distance: 3.5 mm
Actuation point: 2.2 mm (+/- 0.2 mm)
Media control keys: Yes
Polling rate: 200 Hz
Encryption: 128-bit AES
Battery: Rechargeable, 1600 mAh
Initial charging till full: 5 hours
DIP switch: No
Backlight: No
Included: USB nano receiver, charging USB cable, user guide
Full OS support: Windows
Compatible with: Mac (configure)


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