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Matias switch
Matias switch -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Gaote and other companies
Product code PG155B01, KS101Q (quiet click)
PG155B02, KS101 (click)
KS102Q (linear)
Switch type Clicky; tactile/dampened; linear/dampened
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 60±5 gf (quiet click, click)
35±5 gf (linear)
Pretravel 2.2±0.2 mm
Total travel 3.5 mm
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Matias switches are clones of the Alps SKBM White and Alps SKBM Black switches, designed by Matias Corporation. These switches were introduced by Matias as replacements for the Alps SKBL/SKBM series upon its discontinuation by Forward Electronics; design and development took two years[1] and was instigated upon threats from Forward of termination of production of their switches, and a lack of suitable products on the market.[2]


Matias switches are based heavily on the simplified Alps design. The shell is completely transparent, allowing for LEDs to be mounted directly underneath the switch. Alps-type switches with tactile and click leaves do not have room for an integrated LED, and having the switch lit from below is Matias's alternative to using linear switches with integrated LEDs for lock keys. The major reason for this is customer complaints and returns arising from misunderstanding over the linear lock keys on the Matias Tactile Pro keyboards, which are by design and necessity, not a defect. Lock keys are thus able to have the same sound and keyfeel as the other keys on the keyboard.

Unlike typical Alps clone switches, Matias switches are externally an exact replica of Alps switches including the four wing-shaped plate retention clips.

The ping ("chorus of springs") which plagued SKBL/SKBM switches is reported to be eliminated;[1] the cause of this is given as excessively thin springs that pick up vibrations from other switches.[3]

Matias switches are used in Matias keyboards and can be ordered separately. Possibly intended for the Tactile Pro 4, they were first introduced in the Tactile Pro 3 when stocks of Forward SKBM White switches ran out, which were discontinued by Forward in early 2012.

Final assembly is done by Gaote.[2] The switches are shown on the Gaote website and available from their Alibaba store.

Initially, the switches were manufactured unbranded; this has been reported to be an oversight. Branding has subsequently been added, but to the front of the switch above the mounting plate, instead of the top.



The click switch (part no. KS101, previously PG155B02) is a clone of the Alps SKBM White switch and is intended as a direct replacement for it.

Quiet click

The quiet click switch (part no. KS101Q, previously PG155B01) is a clone of the Alps SKBM Black switch, with the damped slider from the Alps SKCM Cream Damped switch. The quiet click switch is a tactile switch designed to make as little noise as possible, and the term "quiet click" is a misnomer: the switch does not click.

The slider has two rubber bumpers that cushion both the down-stroke and the up-stroke. The bumpers dampen the clack noise on bottoming out, as well as the noise when a key is released, thus making keyboards with this switch quieter. Unlike cream Alps, the rubber bumpers are white instead of black.

Matias first intended to make the switch with an orange slider, but had to change the colour to white because the pigment used in test batches interfered with the plastic's properties.[1] The slider colour has subsequently been changed to grey; the shade of grey has also changed.

Quiet linear

The quiet linear switch (part no. KS102Q) has a red slider with rubber bumpers that dampen the sound both on the down-stroke and up-stroke. The helical spring is identical to that used in the Quiet Click. Unlike linear Alps SKCL switches, there is an additional leaf spring as in tactile switches but it lacks any tactile bump. [4]


Click switch (original)

Tactile Pro 2 switches

Strong Man was the OEM for the Matias Tactile Pro 2.0, and they claimed that the switches used were their own product. Matias referred to these switches as "Matias switches", to provide a more professional name than "Strong Man switches". The switches have since been found to be the same Forward SKBM Grey switches that were used in late-issue original Tactile Pro keyboards (de-branded Alps SKBM Grey).

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