Maxi-Switch ME 101

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Maxi-Switch ME 101
Tandon ME101 Front.jpg
Model no. 218603*
FCC ID D7J47K218603XCOOO (1987)
Manufacturer Maxi Switch
Features Caps lock/control swap
Layouts 102-key ISO
Keyswitches Maxi Switch dome with slider
Keycaps Double-shot cylindrical
Interface XT/AT switchable
Price $55-65 (1989)[1]

Maxi-Switch ME 101 is an XT/AT switchable rubber dome keyboard.


The keyboard is unusual for its age in that it features a second DIP switch to swap caps lock and control.

The keyboard uses Cherry MX mount sliders over rubber domes, with thin double-shot keycaps.[2]


  • Model 218603XC (part no. 2186035E), branded on "Maxi" on rear, ANSI with 1 unit backspace and big-ass enter[3]
  • Tandon ME 101 (model 218603XXX), German ISO
  • East Coast Micro Systems Inc[Citation needed]


Tandon ME 101


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