Micro Switch SC Series

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Micro Switch SC Series
Manufacturer Micro Switch
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Membrane
Switch mount Plate mount

Micro Switch SC Series is a family of keyboards using stacked spring membrane keyboard system with discrete slider modules. SC series is clicky; the quiet tactile equivalent is Micro Switch ST Series. The "SC series" name is not confirmed; it was taken from the part number of the ITT Courier 1700 keyboard by analogy to how ST and SD series keyboard part numbers operate. Documentation for this product range has yet to be obtained.


The switch features a diaphragm spring (or plate spring) placed over a membrane set. The switch uppers are discrete and plate mounted, and retain the slider.

The switch consists of a slider housing which retains an axially mounted coil spring which acts on a transversely mounted metal diaphragm spring. Depressing the slider, compresses the coil spring. The force of the coil spring compression acts on the diaphragm spring. When the force reaches the tipping point, the diaphragm spring buckles and snaps downward pressing against the membrane sheet, completing the circuit. The switch has a very crisp tactile feel and solid sound[1].



The switch is Micro Switch–branded.