Micro Switch ST Series

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Micro Switch ST Series
Manufacturer Micro Switch
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Membrane
Switch mount Plate mount

Micro Switch ST is a series of computer keyboards and their associated switches. Switches are the slider over rubber dome over membrane type from Micro Switch. The clicky counterpart is Micro Switch SC Series.


The model 122ST brochure listed below describes the keyboard as "silent-tactile" but does not specifically cite the name "ST series". Model 122ST13S-25E is described as having "solid state capacitance switching", which seems to be at odds with discovered ST series keyboard units, which are all membrane based. The ST Series brochure linked below refers to "ST Low Profile Silent-Tactile keyboards" but makes no mention of the keystroke sensing method utilised.

In ST series keyboards found to date, the switch uppers are discrete, and are plate mounted. The switch upper housing retains the slider. The rubber dome is retained by the slider using a friction fit. Potentially "ST" refers to the removable slider modules, which could have been adapted for capacitive sensing.


The known variants are as follows:

Slider colour Notes
Black Most common variant
Tan Space Bar stabilizer
Blue Keycap mount differs from other variants


The IBM 73x3832 keyboard confusingly uses a variety of SC codes throughout, instead of the expected ST codes, as though it were using Micro Switch SC Series switches.


The black switch below is branded with an older version of the Honeywell logo, a bold serif "H", enclosed in a square with one pair of opposite corners rounded.[2] The tan switch is Micro Switch-branded ("MICRO").