Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

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Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical
Microsoft IMO -- detail (front).jpg
Part number X800472-nnn
Branding Microsoft
Buttons 5
Handedness Ambidextrous
DPI 400
Interfaces USB/PS/2
Wireless? No
Sensor Optical

Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical (IMO) is a family of optical mice in the Microsoft IntelliMouse series.


  • Sold in both black and white, the white variety is availably singly, while the less common black variety can only be bought in packs. Version 1.0 used an older sensor; black 1.0 mice come in packs of three, while the black revised 1.1 version with newer sensor is sold in packs of five.
  • The IMO is unusual in being an ambidextrous five-button mouse, with buttons four and five placed on either side; five-button mice (including the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer) typically have both buttons 4 and 5 on the left-hand side under the thumb, in a configuration designed for right-handed people. The later Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 follows this same design.

Part numbers

Part number Version Connector Colour Pack
1.0A Black 3
X800472-114 1.1A USB and PS/2 Black 5