Mitac 101

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Mitac 101
Mitac 101 -- top.jpg
Model no. MitacINC101
Layouts Asian 101
Keyswitches Taiwan jet axis, Cherry MX White
Interface AT
Dimensions 456 × 178 × 31 mm
Weight 1318 g

MitacINC101 is a keyboard from an unknown OEM manufacturer. This is the model number given on the rear label. It is likely to have been supplied to Taiwanese company Mitac Inc, more commonly known as MiTAC.


Most keys use white, clicky Taiwan jet axis switches. The enter key uses what is described as Cherry MX White, although it's not entirely clear if it is modern white or a click clear variety, as it seems not to be sufficiently pigmented for modern MX White and shows strong suggestions of translucency.

Judging by the rear labels, and similarities between the PCBs, this keyboard came from the same OEM as the PACI108KB. The serial begins "97", while the controller chip is dated late 1996, suggesting that these labels may give the year of manufacture.

The keyboard provides what appears to be a cover for a function key legend strip.


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