Mitsumi KKQ Type

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Mitsumi KKQ Type
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Family Mitsumi hybrid switch
Switch type Tactile
Keycap mount Mitsumi mount

Mitsumi KKQ Type is an unconfirmed tactile Mitsumi hybrid switch type; the "linear" equivalent is Mitsumi KKR Type. KKQ Type also covers stock keyboards and full custom OEM products made with these switches.


KKQ Type is externally identical to the better-known Mitsumi KPQ Type; where KPQ type uses a single membrane sheet for the keyboard matrix, KKQ type uses a PCB. KKQ type is known from Commodore keyboards. No specifications for KKQ Type have been recovered.

It appears that the primary advantage of KKQ Type over KPQ Type is that the use of a PCB permits diodes, for N-key rollover. However, as a KKR keyboard has been found without diodes, this appears to be an optional feature.



Commodore Amiga 2000 keyboard

Commodore CDTV keyboard