Mitsumi KUJ, KUK and KUL types

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Mitsumi KUJ, KUK and KUL types
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Switch type Tactile
Rated lifetime 10 M
Bounce time 10 ms
Tactile force 50 g
Total travel 1.5–3 mm

KUJ Type, KUK Type and KUL Type are tactile membrane keyboard type from Mitsumi that appear to be targeted towards notebook computers.


As with many other contemporary membrane switch types from Mitsumi, these types featured Mitsumi's "chip diode on membrane" to provide N-key rollover.

Tactile feedback and return force is provided by way of buckling rubber sleeves similar to KKQ Type and KPQ Type. The cross section diagram implies that the shaft within the keycap itself applies pressure to the membranes.

The three series offer four different sets of dimensions:

Type Height Travel
KUJ 7.5 mm 1.5 mm
KUK 9 mm 2 mm
KUL 10 mm 3 mm
KUL 11 mm 3 mm

Height is measured from the bottom of the backplate to the centre of a keycap. All three have the same tactile force.


None to date.