Mitsumi model numbers

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The following table is a reference source for Mitsumi keyboard model numbers, in particular integrated keyboards from the 8-bit era.

Model number Products
KAM-A66YN Tono Θ-7070 terminal
KCT-A89YC Commodore Amiga 1000
KDM-A70YU Nakajima All typewriter
KKR-A67YC Commodore Plus/4
KLM-E17AC Toshiba PA7354E numeric keypad
KLM-E19YC Toshiba J31TP001 numeric keypad
KSD-A46YN Some Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
KSD-A58AU Some Atari 800

Some Commodore VIC-20/VC-20
Most Commodore 64/C64C/C64G