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Mitsumi simplified
Mitsumi simplified.jpg
Manufacturer Mitsumi
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal contact
Total travel ca. 3.8 mm
Keycap mount Cruciform, round
Switch mount Plate mount

Mitsumi simplified is a linear, metal contact switch from Mitsumi.


The moniker "Mitsumi simplified" follows a tradition of using the appellation "simplified" for switches that appear to be a cost-effective design compared to a brand's more complex offerings. A Nakajima All typewriter with what appear to be these switches, with a PCB inscribed "KDM-A70YU", implies that the correct designation is "KDM Type".[1] "KDM" would fit in with the implication of "KCx" for type 2 Mitsumi standard mechanical (suggesting a cheaper alternative introduced afterwards), and the implication of "linear" or "momentary" for "KxM" per Mitsumi miniature mechanical.


It shares keycap mount with the switches used in the Commodore 64; the cross mount type accepts C64 keycaps, and the round mount type fits the keystem adapter for the alternate action switch.

The switch uses bare metal contacts, which are also the terminals; the terminals can be seen running down the outside of the switch.

The switch is clearly branded on the base with the older (Kana) Mitsumi logo.

No other details are known to exist.


Mitsumi simplified -- round mount.jpg Round
Mitsumi simplified -- cross mount.jpg Cross

Cyan sliders also exist.[2]



Cross mount

The depicted switch is NOS from STRONIC in France. The part number is not known.