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Various IBM Model M keyboards

Model M was the designation given by IBM to their buckling spring over membrane keyboard design. The Model M designation is most commonly associated with the 101/102-key IBM Enhanced Keyboard; it was also the designation for the IBM Wheelwriter keypad, IBM 122-key terminal keyboards, the IBM Space Saving Keyboard and certain variants. Various other buckling spring keyboards (and even a few rubber dome keyboards) received designations of Model M with some number following them. These are listed below.


Product Model Switch Years
IBM Enhanced Keyboard M Membrane buckling spring, rubber dome 1985–Present
IBM Space Saving Keyboard M Membrane buckling spring 1987–1999
IBM 122-key terminal keyboards M Membrane buckling spring 1985-Present
IBM 50 Key Keyboard M Membrane buckling spring
IBM Alpha Numeric POS Keyboard M Membrane Buckling Spring ?-1988- ?
IBM Selectric Touch Keyboard M1/M2/M3 Membrane buckling spring, rubber dome 1990–1995
IBM Space Saver Keyboard M4/M4-1 Buckling rubber sleeve 1991-2009(?)
IBM Trackball Keyboards M5-1/M5-2 Membrane buckling spring, rubber dome 1991 - Present
IBM ThinkPad keyboard M6-1 Buckling rubber sleeve 1993 - ?
IBM ANPOS keyboards M7/M9 Rubber dome  ?
IBM Trackpoint II Keyboard M13 Membrane buckling spring 1994 - 2008
IBM/Lexmark Wheelwriter keyboards M11, M19, others Membrane buckling spring 1984-mid/late 90s
IBM Adjustable Keyboard M15 Membrane buckling spring 1994–1995