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Monterey K101
Model no. K101/K102
FCC ID FKD46AK101 (1987)
Manufacturer Monterey
Layouts Asian 102
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue,
Alps SKCM White,
Mitsumi Miniature Yellow
Keycaps double-shot and
dye sublimated (see text)
Interface AT
Introduced 1987 (FCC registration)
Precedes Monterey K104

Monterey K101 is an AT keyboard from Monterey. Based on the Tulip ATK 030244 PCB legend, the ISO version appears to be model K102. The FCC ID for K102 is registered to Keytech, along with K103 (not known) and K104. Whether this is the same K102, is not known.


The keyboard features a big-ass enter key and full-size backspace. To accommodate this, backslash is moved down between right control and right alt. There is a corresponding key between left control and left alt that is used for the 102nd key on ISO keyboards.

The keycaps are primarily double-shot. Some keycaps are dye-sublimated, including the function keys and regional-specific keycaps.

The stabilisers attach to keycaps via Cherry MX mount inserts.

The PCB has space for an XT/AT selector switch, but one is not present.

Blocking issues

The K101 has two-key rollover with blocking. Due to its age, the matrix is not wired with support for modern three-key combinations. Three-key combinations only work with specific pairings of left and right modifier keys. For example, the following keyboard shortcuts do not work:

  • LAlt + LCtrl + F12
  • RAlt + LCtrl + F12
  • LAlt + RCtrl + F11
  • RCtrl + RShift + Home
  • LCtrl + RShift + Home
  • RCtrl + LShift + Home

Workarounds can be achieved using alternative modifiers:

  • LAlt + RCtrl + F12
  • RAlt + LCtrl + F11
  • LCtrl + LShift + Home

OEM variants


ALPS SKCM White variant

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