Monterey K104

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Monterey K104
Monterey K104 front view alternate.jpg
Model no. K104
FCC ID FKF456K-104
Branding Monterey, Mtek
Manufacturer Monterey
Layouts Asian 102
Keyswitches SMK Alps mount
Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM White Type OA2
Interface XT/AT switchable
Weight 1520 g
Introduced 1988 (FCC registration)
Supersedes Monterey K101

Monterey K104, also referred to as the Mtek K104, is an XT/AT switchable keyboard from Monterey. This is reported to be the keyboard that gave SMK Alps mount switches their "Monterey" moniker. The pseudo-grille at the top right is a useful identifying feature, but care must be taken to avoid confusion with the near-identical, rubber-dome Monterey K208 keyboard.


The keyboard features a big-ass enter key and full-size backspace. To accommodate this, backslash is moved down between right control and right alt. There is a matching blank key between left control and left alt that is, as with the Monterey K101, used for the 102nd key on ISO keyboards. On some keyboards this blank key is not connected, and requires a solder bridge between two nearby contacts for it to function. When enabled it registers as scan code (PS/2 Set 1 Make) 56 and on a US keyboard functions the same as backslash, though the actual backslash key registers as 2B, the code actually used for backslash.

The FCC grantee code of "FKF" belongs to Keytech Incorporation; only the K102, K103, K104 (and no other products of any kind) are listed by the FCC as being registered to Keytech. The K104W and K108/K108W were registered to Monterey, as was the K101. Despite the Keytech registration, the keyboards bear labels with Monterey branding.

The keyboard is universally reported to be clicky, but one example is given at KBDMania (also cited as "clicky") with white SMK Alps mount switches,[1] which elsewhere have been found to be tactile. It is already known that SMK were not consistent with their use of slider colour.

The protocol selector switch has three positions: "A", "X" and "S".[2]

FCC ID FKD46AK104W was registered in 1996, suggesting a Windows key version that has yet to be sighted.

Both PCBs depicted below are inscribed "K102A-H3", although the PCB design is different to that of the Tulip ATK 030244 (an actual K102).



Blue Alps example

Alps SKCM Blue. The controller chip is dated 8848, and is affixed with an "89" QC label. The PCB is inscribed "38-42400-022 K102A-H3".

White Alps example

Pine Alps SKCM White. The case is marked November 1990. The PCB is the same design as for the example above, although the inscription is revised to "31-42400-024 K102A-H3".