Monterey K108

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Monterey K108
FCC ID FKD45AK108[1]
Branding MteK, Monterey
Manufacturer Monterey
Layouts 101/102/104-key Asian 101
Keyswitches SMK Alps mount Type T1
Alps SKCM White
Interface XT/AT switchable, ?
Introduced 1990 (FCC registration)

Monterey K108, also branded as the MteK K108),[2] is a keyboard from Monterey. Some examples are XT/AT switchable;[3] it appears that this switch was dropped with time, as it is absent from the Windows key version.[2]

The keyboard features a big-ass Enter key and single-unit backspace.

The FKD45AK108 FCC ID (with "45" instead of "46") may be a typing mistake on the part of Monterey, as they have nothing registered with the FCC with a product code beginning "45", while most of their registrations have product codes beginning with "46".

FCC ID FKD46AK108W was registered in 1996; however, the Windows version used the same FCC ID.[2]


The following switches have been found to date:


102-key Swedish

Swedish layout. All other details unknown.

104-key Chinese

MteK-branded with Chinese keycaps. T1 switches (this is one of the two keyboards officially cited by as having T1 switches), Windows keys, 1995 controller date.