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Monterey K110
Monterey K111
Monterey K110 SMK -- top.jpg
Model no. K110 (US)
K111 (China/Japan)
FCC ID FKD46AK110P (1991)
FKD46AK111 (1994)
Branding None/OEM
Manufacturer Monterey
Features Numeric keypad connector
Layouts 81-key compact ANSI
85-key Japanese
Keyswitches Hua-Jie AK series, SMK Alps mount
Interface AT, PS/2
Dimensions 308 × 154 × 33 mm
Weight 790 g
Introduced 1991

Monterey K110 and K111 are 75% keyboards manufactured in China and Taiwan by Monterey. As an OEM product it is best known as the SIIG MiniTouch, so much so that unbranded OEM examples are automatically referred to as a MiniTouch despite the absence of SIIG branding, model number, or serial number labelling.


There is a Fn key to the left of the control key, the function keys are reduced in size. The enter key is slim-ass, and the key on the end of row 2 is often found blank. Keycaps can be pad printed or lasered; some keyboards have a blue num lock legend, and some have blue legends for the embedded numeric keypad.

The switches were sourced from SMK and Himake (now part of Hua-Jie). The SMK switch versions used blue "Monterey" SMK Alps mount switches and were made in Taiwan; the Himake versions used what appear to be Hua-Jie AK-CN2 switches, and were made in China. Some of the AK-CN2 keyboards used switches with yellow sliders for the top row; the primary difference with these switches compared to the ivory switches is that the slider stops are taller, reducing travel by around 1 mm. The springs of these yellow switches are also slightly longer (11.1 mm vs 10.8 mm), and more tightly coiled.

The K110 was introduced in 1991; no-one is sure when production ended. SIIG sourced the MiniTouch from Monterey between January 2002 and January 2003, but the huge variation in MiniTouch keyboards (pad printed and laser-etched keycaps, both switch types, and different use of blue legends) suggests that SIIG were obtaining all the old stock from a discontinued product, but this can no longer be confirmed. The Filco DFK-81E2 box mentions "Microsoft Windows® 95/98/98(SE)/Me/2000/XP", indicating that it was introduced in 2001 or later.[1]

Numeric keypad connector

Version 1 keyboards feature an "RJ-11" 6P6C modular jack on the rear, for the corresponding Monterey KP110 numeric keypad. The keyboard and keypad were registered together with the FCC and share the same FCC ID.[2] Version 2 removed the keypad connector functionality, leaving the socket present but unwired; the socket was later removed from the keyboard entirely. An excerpt from the 1999 bill of materials obtained from SIIG noted:

  1. Effective immediately, the feature that allows users to connect an optional keypad with a built-in RJ-11 connector has been removed from V2. Currently the keyboard (V2) still physically comes with a non-functional RJ-11 connector. Starting with the next shipment by April 1998, the RJ-11 connector will be permanently removed. Description of this feature has been excluded from color sleeve and user’s manual.
  2. BOMs #07-0178A, B and C are superseded.

It appears that the V1 keyboard contained a different controller to the V2.[3] It is possible that the keyboard in question was a V1.


Model FCC ID Layout/keys
K110 FKD46AK110P 81-key, slim-ass enter
K111 FKD46AK111 Japanese, 85-key, ANSI enter;[4] Monterey report that K111 was also used for the Chinese version[2]

OEM versions

OEM product Model
SIIG MiniTouch K110
SIIG Suntouch Jr. (Monterey version) K110
Filco DFK-81E2 K110


SMK switches

Hua-Jie switches