Monterey K208

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Monterey K208
Monterey K-208 front.jpeg
Branding Monterey K208
Manufacturer Monterey
Keyswitches Monterey dome with slider
Interface 5-pin DIN
Introduced 1991 (FCC registration)


Monterey K208 is an out-of-production, standard (full) size rubber dome over membrane keyboard from Monterey.

Description & Features

The key layout and case resembles the Monterey K108, but it has the pseudo-grille from the K104. A later 104/105-key version, the K108W (just added the Windows key), was introduced, with the same FCC ID.[1]

The keyboard uses Monterey dome with slider switches over membranes. The sliders come in multiple colours, and a single keyboard is likely to contain a random assortment of slider colours.[2] Three or more slider colours can be found in the same keyboard.[1] The keycaps are Alps mount compatible.

The 101/102 key version came with the 5-pin DIN connector.[2] Photos of both, I-Chia and Monterey, versions have the shell containing a hole for an XT/AT switch, but no actual switch is present.[2]

The keyboard is not particularly notable, except for being easily confused with Monterey's superficially similar mechanical boards.


Identical keyboards can be found with the following manufacturers given on the same label:

As is typical, the FCC ID is the same in both cases. However, the spelling of the model and FCC ID is slightly different (notice the dashes in I-Chia version):

  • for Monterey: model name: K208; FCC ID: FKD46AK208
  • for I-Chia: model name: K-208; FCC ID: FKD46AK-208