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IBM anti-caps lock kits.

An adapter kit is a small set of keycaps that complement and/or replace a set of keycaps from one keyboard to fit the layout of another keyboard. The keycaps in an adapter kit should have the same characteristics (stem, profile, colour scheme, font) as the original keyboard but for different keys and/or in different sizes.

Moogle kit

A moogle kit is an adapter kit that complements keys from vintage keyboard so that they fit onto a modern keyboard with 1.25 units wide modifier keys, such as Windows keys.

A typical moogle kit contains modifiers for the bottom row and a space bar. It is common for them to also contain a caps lock key with a centered stem (as opposed to off-center stem) and a 2.75 wide right shift key, even though not all users may need them.

The original moogle kits were designed to allow the use of Cherry doubleshot ABS keys (harvested off a cheap keyboard in the Cherry G80 series) on a modern Filco Majestouch. Moogle kits have also been made Dolch and Wyse PCE.

The term "moogle kit" is named after the Geekhack user who first proposed it: Moogle Stiltzkin [1][2]. A "Moogle" is a type of creature that appear in several games by Square Enix, such as the Final Fantasy series.[3]

The term "moogle kit" (MOOGLEWHITE and MOOGLEBLACK) had been first introduced by 7bit as order-IDs for the Round 3 group buy in early 2011.

Anti-caps lock kit

An anti-caps lock kit is for swapping caps lock with a control key. It contains a 1.75 units wide control key for the home row and a 1.25 units wide caps lock key for the bottom row.

Other alternatives for this kit exist. For instance, Colemak users might want to replace their caps lock with a 1.75 wide Backspace key and leave the small Control key on the bottom row.

Tsangan kit

The keys on the left side are from a Cherry-replica Tsangan kit commissioned from Signature Plastics. The keys on the right side are authentic Cherry/GMK keys. The purple key is from a GMK set

A tsangan kit is an adapter kit that contains 1.5 units wide Control and Alt modifiers on the space bar-row. It often also includes a 1 unit wide Windows key, a 7-unit space bar and a 1.75-wide Shift key.

Tsangan kits have been made for Cherry doubleshot ABS keys, Wyse PCE and also as an additional option in group orders of new keycap kits. Authentic Cherry doubleshot white-on-black 1.5 wide modifier keys are very rare.

For some keyboards, a tsangan kit would be the opposite of a moogle kit. Named after the Geekhack user Tsangan.


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