NEC PC-8201

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NEC PC-8201
NEC PC-8201A -- top.jpg
Model no. PC-8201 (Japan)
PC-8201A (export)
Branding NEC
Manufacturer Kyocera
Keyswitches Alps SKFL, Alps SKFL Lock

NEC PC-8201 and NEC PC-8201A were early portable computers made by Kyocera for NEC; it is related to the TRS-80 Model 100. The keyboard unit was manufactured by Alps Electric.

All keys use Alps SKFL switches, with two exceptions: caps lock uses Alps SKFL Lock, and the cursor keys use an unknown switch. All switches use diodes; for the SKFL switches, these are placed within the chamber at the base of each switch. The SKFL Lock switch has no room for a diode, so it is placed adjacent to the switch, and the cursor key switches likewise have the diodes separate from the switch.