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NEC PC-8801 (also PC-8800 series and PC-88) was a series of Z80 computers. Over time a number of different keyboards were produced for the PC-8801 series.

Model (PC or keyboard) Year Switch Interface
NEC PC-8801mkII Futaba MA series Clicky 13-pin DIN
NEC PC-8801mkII SR 1985 Alps SKCM Blue[1] 13-pin DIN
NEC PC-8801-KI Futaba MA series Clicky (matrix)
NEC PC-8801 TYPE A 1986 Alps SKCM Blue[1] 5-pin mini-DIN
NEC PC-8801 TYPE B Alps SKCM Blue[2] 5-pin mini-DIN
NEC PC-8801 TYPE C Alps integrated dome (One Piece)[3] 5-pin mini-DIN
NEC PC-8801 TYPE D Alps SKCM Cream [4] 5-pin mini-DIN

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