NMB RT-100/RT-8200 series

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NMB RT-100/RT-8200 series
NMB RT-101 Keyboards.jpg
Part number Various
FCC ID Various
Branding Various
Manufacturer NMB
Layouts 101-key ANSI
101/104-key Asian 101
102-key ISO
Keyswitches Hi-Tek Series 725

RT-100 series and RT-8200 series refer to a family of Hi-Tek Series 725 keyboards from NMB. The two different sets of model numbers appear to be the result of a new classification system introduced at NMB, that moved their mechanical keyboards into the 8000-range instead of numbering them by key count. This made way for a variety of other keyboard types to be unambiguously numbered. This page deals with the RT-8200 series and mechanical RT-100 series keyboards.

There are at least two designs: one styled after the IBM Model M, and one with a thinner, flatter case. Over its lifetime, numerous FCC IDs were used.

A PCB found in an RT-8251T lists the original model numbers as RT-101, RT-101+, RT-102, RT-102T and RT-103T.[1]


The following list is not exhaustive.

Model FCC ID Years Style Type Switches
RT-101+/RT101+ AQ6RT72511 Flat Clicky Black, with blue for space bar[2]
RT-101+ AQ659ZRT101A Model M Tactile One-eye beige, with neon green for space bar and pink for lock keys[3]
RT-101+ AQ659ZRT-725M Flat Clicky Two-eye white[4]
RT-101+ AQ659ZRT-725M 1989 Flat Tactile Two-eye black, with neon green for space bar[5]
RT-101+INTEL AQ6RT101-LC 1992[6] ? Tactile Two-eye grey; space bar unknown[6]
RT-101+ AQ6RT101-LC Flat Tactile Two-eye grey, with neon green for space bar
RT-8251T AQ6ZG-RT827XX Flat Tactile Two-eye grey, with neon green for space bar[1]
RT-8252C+ AQ6OAKZ15 1994 Flat Clicky Two-eye black, with blue for space bar[Citation needed]
RT-102 UK AQ6RT-72511 1991 Flat Clicky Two-eye black, with two-eye black (with red marking) for space bar


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