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KB-6151 series
NTC KB-6151 front view.PNG
Manufacturer NTC
Layouts 101/102-key Asian 101
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM White
alps.tw Type OA2
Omron B3G-S Amber
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface XT/AT switchable

KB-6151 is a family of keyboards from NTC.


The shape of the case resembles that of the IBM Model M. The top half of the case is beige plastic; the bottom of the case is a simple sheet metal cover, painted black with a water droplet texture. The switch mounting plate is screwed to the top half of the case from below.

All variants of the KB-6151 seem to have a bigass enter key, and a single-unit backspace key.

The XT/AT switch is on the right hand side (the left, as viewed from below).


Model Layout Switch Country of origin
KB-6151 US Alps SKCM White[1] Thailand
KB-6151? US Alps SKCM Blue[2]
KB-6151EA US[3] Taiwan
KB-6151N ISO Alps SKCM Blue Thailand
KB-6153EN UK alps.tw Type OA2 Malaysia
KB-6153EA UK Alps SKCM White Malaysia
KB-6151ER US Omron B3G-S series Amber Taiwan


  • Unikey Electronics Co., Ltd. — KB-6151[1]







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