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NTC KB-6251
NTC KB-6251EA -- top.jpg
FCC ID FMA44HKB6251 (1988)
Manufacturer NTC
Layouts 101/102-key Asian 101
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM White
Omron B3G-S series
Cherry MX Blue
Aristotle Cherry MX clone
Mitsumi miniature mechanical
alps.tw Type T5
alps.tw Type OA2
Keycaps Pad-printed, double-shot ABS
Interface XT/AT switchable
Precedes Unikey KWD-601

KB-6251 is a widely-sold family of slimline Alps keyboards from NTC (Nan Tan Computer Company). Current examples found use a bigass enter key and single-unit backspace key. The Alps switches are mounted onto a plastic or metal plate, giving this slimline model a very light weight. Variants with amber Omron B3G-S series switches or alps.tw Type T5 mounted into a metal plate were also made. Keycaps can be double-shot or pad-printed.

The XT/AT switch, located next to one of the flip-out feet, is unconventionally labelled as "80206/8088" instead of "A/X" (per the NTC KB-6151) or XT/AT. Newer models may also have "80206/8088" raised lettering on the bottom panel, but no switch.

The version with Windows keys is Unikey KWD-601.

June 6, 2020: Spotted a Zeos keyboard with Hi-Tek Series 725 black switches ("Space Invaders") on ebay. RT-101+ model number on bottom case label.



  • Branded as Champking Computer Co.[1] and Champion Computer Co.[2]
  • Chinese layout, with double-shot English letters and pad-printed Chinese characters
  • Amber Omron B3G-S series switches including space bar, mounted into a metal plate
  • FCC ID FMA44HKB6251


  • Listed as "KB-6251/2" on rear label[3]
  • ANSI layout with doubleshot keycaps
  • Alps SKCM White
  • FCC ID FMA44HKB6251


  1. Cherry MX Blue[4]
  2. White four-tab clones[5]


Plastic plate example

  • Pine Alps SKCM White
  • Found in UK 102-key layout, with no exterior markings of any kind except QC and serial number
  • PCB model NTC 71-6071A-505
  • The official designation is not known, as the rear label is missing; KB-6251EA is the model written on the PCB, which is often incorrect due to different models sharing a single PCB


  • Alps.tw Type OA2
  • Ultratech Branded
  • Plastic Plate
  • ANSI layout
  • Doubleshot keycaps
  • Found on eBay Australia

Metal plate examples

There are versions with a black-painted steel plate or an unpainted steel plate. Some of these examples have Zeos branding.[7]


It is possible that the "M" in "EM" stands for "Mitsumi", giving "A" for "Alps" in "EA". Unlike the KB-6151, where "EN" has been seen on an Alps clone version, Alps clone KB-6251 keyboards also use "EA".




  • 102-key layout
  • FCC ID FMA44HKB6252EA (not in the FCC's records)
  • Alps SKCM Blue[11] and white Alps switches of unknown variety.[12]

Blue Alps version

White Alps version



  • 102-key layout
  • FCC ID FMA44HKB6251
  • Hua-Jie AK series green switches.
  • Desoldered XT/AT switch

Unknown (SFON)

Unknown "KB-6251" with SFON Alps clone switches (no photos were posted as evidence)[13]

Unknown (Optimus KB-6251)

Unknown "KB-6251" sold in Poland under Optimus SA brand[14]

  • Aristotle Cherry MX clone switches[9], plastic plate
  • Big-Ass Enter key and a 1 unit backspace
  • No XT-AT switch
  • FCC ID LIAKB-6251 — this example appears to have been made after this product range was transferred to Unikey (FCC grantee LIA), prior to the model transitioning to the 104/105-key Unikey KWD-601.