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NeXT AAE and ABP - keyboard top.jpg
Manufacturer NeXT, Inc.
Layouts ANSI
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Cream
Alps SKCM Black
Keycaps Double-shot molding
Years of production 1985-1997


The following three variants of this keyboard exist:

  1. The AAE Non-ADB with Alps SKCM Cream switches.
  2. The ABP Non-ADB with pine Alps SKCM Black switches.
  3. The ADB version with the Mitsumi key switches.

The NeXT non-ADB keyboard needed either a proper NeXT monitor or a "soundbox" that this keyboard connected to that then connected to the NeXT Cube or NeXTStation. You will notice two varieties. What I believe to be the first generation of non-ADB keyboards had black Alps key switches. The second generation has Cream Alps.


NeXT Japan Version

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