Neve Necam 96 keyboard

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Neve Necam 96 keyboard
Neve Necam 96 -- top.jpg
Branding Neve (as logo only)
Layouts Custom
Keyswitches RAFI RS 74 M
Interface Unknown
Introduced 1984?

The Neve Necam 96 keyboard is the keyboard that shipped with the little-known Necam 96 audio workstation. It is a special-purpose keyboard designed for audio editing, and it features RAFI RS 74 M low-travel switches.


The keyboard has a two-part sheet metal case held together by six screws, three per side. Each half contains a PCB: the top half contains the switch PCB, and the lower half contains the controller PCB; the two are connected by a ribbon cable, with a plug at the bottom and a punch-down connector at the top.

Four switches contain LEDs, including caps lock. The QWERTY keycaps are all double-shot, while all the remaining keycaps are engraved and painted, with RAFI's catalogues suggesting that the engraving is done on an engraving machine, and not via laser.


The cable was removed and discarded due to being covered in a slimy brown substance, all the way inside. The connecting cable was mistakenly disconnected at the wrong end, resulting in a destroyed punch-down connector.