Nissho KB106DE

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Nissho KB106DE
Part number KB106DE
Manufacturer Topre
Layouts 106-key Japanese
Keyswitches Topre switch
Interface PS/2
Weight ~2192g


The Nissho KB106DE is a 106 key Japanese layout keyboard made by Topre for Nissho Electronics. It appears to be an accounting or data entry keyboard.


The KB106DE has uniformly weighted 35cN Topre capacitive switches and is one of nine known Topre made keyboards that have spherical top keycaps, the other eight being the Realforce 104UG, 104UK and 108UG Hi-Pro boards, the Hatsucoh Electronics HEKB01 and the Juki data entry keyboards (three full-sized and one numeric keypad). The KB106DE has many secondary functions printed on the front of its keycaps that appear to be related to data entry or accounting, including an embedded number pad which is in reverse order (1,2,3 are on U,I,O and 4,5,6 are on J,K,L, etc.).

The keyboard enclosure itself is strange when compared to other Topre keyboards. There is a single metal plate underneath that has the height adjustable feet screwed onto it (from the inside) and rubber pads for stabilisation. The PCB and mounting plate are screwed to the front plastic case.