Nixdorf CT06-CT07/2 M Softkeys

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Nixdorf CT06-CT07/2 M Softkeys
Nixdorf CT06-CT072 M Softkeys.JPG
Manufacturer Nixdorf
Layouts ISO
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black cleartop
Keycaps Double-shot moulding
Weight 1840g
Years of production 1980-1988


The Nixdorf CT06-CT07/2 M Softkeys was produced for the Nixdorf BA80 terminals, which typically were connected to Nixdorf 8870 Quattro minicomputers or the Siemens RM series of Unix servers. Other keyboards for the BA80 were the CT08 and the CT11.

The keyboard sports a special kind of Cherry MX switch, which by now are only known from Nixdorf boards and hence have been dubbed "Nixies". They are PCB-mounted MX Black switches with translucent switch tops. Most keycaps are doubleshot. At least one keyboard has been found with O-rings mounted underneath the keycaps. The spacebar is concave (indented) instead of convex like on all other keyboards; this makes typing slightly uncomfortable. For the spacebar, a Cherry MX white switch is used.

This keyboard is 51.5 cm wide, 22.5 cm deep, 5 cm tall at the back and 2 cm at the front.


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