Cherry MX Black

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Cherry MX Black
Cherry MX Black.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX1A-11xx
Introduced 1984
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 60 cN
Cherry MX Black Illustration

The Cherry MX Black switch is a medium stiff, linear, non-clicky mechanical keyboard switch in the Cherry MX family.

Keyboards with these switches often have the stiffer Cherry MX Linear Grey switch for the space bar.


The Cherry MX Black switch was one of the very first mechanical keyboard switches available to the mass market. Introduced in 1984, it first came in an open housing variant and was later introduced in a design very similar to the current one. Over the years there have been several slight adjustments to the Cherry MX Black switch. Earlier variants are reported to feel smoother and less stiff. Material tests have shown that Cherry indeed seemed to have changed the material of the Cherry MX Black switch. This is assumed to have happened sometime between 1994 and 1995, when Cherry also changed some data of their other MX switches in their product catalogs.


Linear, medium-stiff.

Keyboard gurus say that older ("vintage") MX Blacks feel smoother than newer ones, but other users dispute this.


Cherry MX Black switches are widely available as parts or assembled in hundreds of keyboards. Being the preferred switch of most POS and industrial keyboard manufacturers, it is widely available in all variants.

Product numbers

  • MX1A-11NN no diode, plate mount
  • MX1A-11DN with diode, plate mount
  • MX1A-11NW no diode, PCB mount
  • MX1A-11DW with diode, PCB mount


"Nixie" refers to an unusual and highly desirable MX Black variant only known in Nixdorf keyboards, such as the Nixdorf CT06-CT07/2 M Softkeys. The switch top is translucent instead of opaque black.




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