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Noppoo capacitive
Manufacturer Noppoo
Introduced 2015
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Capacitive
Actuation force Uniform 35g, 45g
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount

The Noppoo capacitive switch is a type of switch found in the Noppoo 108EC-Pro.

In October, 2013, user 'admurder' started a forum thread announcing a new capacitive switch design by Noppoo[1]. The design shares similar characteristics with the Topre switch, including the slider/plunger, the conic spring, the housing, and the PCB. The slider/plunger itself differs from the Topre design in that it is compatible with Cherry MX keycaps. This compatibility with Cherry MX keycaps is also noted in a recently announced Cooler Master/Topre collaboration, the Cooler Master Novatouch. In early December, 2013, a user with the same handle 'admurder' posted a video on the Chinese video-sharing website 'Youku' demonstrating some aspects of the new capacitive switch[2]. In the video, Noppoo branding can clearly be seen on the space bar key.




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