Noppoo conductive dome

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Noppoo conductive dome
Switch recognition--Noppoo--Capacitive.svg
Manufacturer Noppoo
Switch type Tactile?
Sense method Conductive?
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount

Noppoo conductive dome is a type of switch found in the Noppoo Choc Pro.

The switch is described on the Choc Pro box as "Noppoo白轴电容机械键盘" (Chinese: "Noppoo white stem capacitive mechanical keyboard").[1] Disassembly photographs of the board show it to be a rubber dome over PCB keyboard, with white Cherry MX mount sliders similar to those in Futaba clicky switches.[2]

The PCB features surface-mount diodes; capacitive keyboards inherently provide n-key rollover, so the purpose of the diodes remains unknown, and it's entirely possible that the keyboard is not capacitive. The specifics of the mechanism remain unknown, however; tear-downs of Noppoo Choc Pro strongly suggest that the keyboard uses conductive switching, as the internals look remarkably similar to known conductive switch keyboards[3].


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