Nortel NTNX51HH

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Nortel NTNX51HH
Nortel NTNX51HH -- top.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts Proprietary
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Cherry MX Linear Grey (space bar)
Keycaps Various
Dimensions 520 × 252 × 71 mm

Nortel NTNX51HH is an IWS keyboard produced by Cherry for Nortel Networks. Cherry assigned this keyboard the article number G80-9035 OAAUS/02.


NTNX51HH is a custom workstation keyboard with a proprietary layout. Typing angle is set with a large bar attached to thick metal hinges, instead of separate feet.

Most keycaps are double-shot, but a few of the special keys are double-shot or relegendable. All keys use Cherry MX Black except space bar, which appears to have Cherry MX Linear Grey.


This example is dated M07 (week 7, 2000). It appears to have two foot hinges, but photographed four, without explanation.

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