Northgate OmniKey/101

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Northgate OmniKey/101
Northgate OmniKey 101-top view.jpg
Part number 555,0012
Branding Northgate Computer Systems
Product family Northgate OmniKey
Features Extensive customisation using DIP switches
Layouts 101 Key ANSI
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White
Interface PS/2 female connector. PC/XT, PC/AT and Amiga protocol and others.
Discontinued Yes
Price $89 (1992)[1]

The Northgate OmniKey/101 is a personal computer keyboard produced by Northgate Computer Systems. Using a series of DIP switches it can be configured to a variety of keyboard protocols and layouts. It is capable of N-key rollover. The keyboard is no longer in production.


The OmniKey/101 uses complicated clicky Alps SKCM White switches.

Close up of one of the switches


The keycap legends are double shot except for those on the front of the 'Print Screen' and 'Pause' keys. The keys are sculpted, i.e. each row has its own profile. The keycap type is UKF DS03.

Double-shot keycaps


Several parameters can be changed using the DIP switches underneath the Northgate logo plate in the top left corner of the keyboard:

  • XT, AT, Tandy 1000, Amiga 2000, Amiga 2500, ATT WGS or ATT 6300 protocol
  • Swapping location of Caps Lock, Alt and Ctrl; the manual notes that replacement keycaps are included along with a keycap puller
  • Swapping * and \
  • Layout: QWERTY or Dvorak
  • Sticky keys
DIP switches underneath the logo plate


The manual covers the following models, see below for a download link.

  • 101
  • 102
  • Inverted T ULTRA
  • ULTRA Amiga


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