Oak Full-Travel Membrane

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Oak Full-Travel Membrane
Manufacturer Oak
Switch type Progressive rate
Sense method Membrane

Oak Full-Travel Membrane (also written FTM on the label on the keyboard) is a progressive rate spring-over-membrane switch.


Cross mount

Cross Mount Switches

These have a typical cross mount on the slider's flat top.[1] A spring at the bottom of the slider applies pressure to the membrane, and this in addition to the return spring gives it its progressive rate feel.[2]


This appears to be the more common version. The slider is octagonal on top, and it does not appear to make direct contact with the membrane.[3] Full disassembly has yet to be confirmed and it is not clear how the switch works. Black and white sliders exist.[3]


  • Osborne 1 (cross mount)[1]
  • Sun Type 3 (flat top)[3]
  • Some IBM Industrial XT[4]
  • GE Fanuc WorkMaster I (flat top)[5]


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