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X11 Hyper_L, Hyper_R

The Hyper key is a modifier key. It had originated on the Space-cadet keyboard for MIT Lips machines.

It is now rare on keyboards but is often available as a logical key in the operating system, which can be mapped for other functions.

The text editor Emacs has key-bindings on Hyper. Windows and Mac versions allow other keys to be bound to it.


Hyper is activated by pressing Shift+Control+Alt+Command simultaneously. It can also be mapped to another key.

Microsoft Windows

Hyper is activated by pressing Shift+Control+Alt+Windows simultaneously.

In 2019, Microsoft released keyboards with an Office key, made to launch various Microsoft-proprietary programs or web pages, most programs being within their productivity suite Microsoft Office. The physical key was mapped to producing the Hyper key's code.

Pressed and released itself it launches a program launcher for Microsoft Office, if installed. As a modifier it launches specific programs or web pages

Letter Launches
Space Emoji picker. (Same code as the Emoji key).
D OneDrive
L Linked-in (web page)
N Microsoft OneNote
P Microsoft PowerPoint
T Microsoft Teams
W Microsoft Word
X Microsoft Excel
Y Yammer (web page)

The mappings were added in Windows 10, version 1903 (May 2019 Update). The action that launches Microsoft Office launcher can be changed in the registry [Citation needed]. Key combinations are registered with the system by Explorer (Windows' default shell) when it starts up and can not be unregistered by another program — only overridden individually by a program such as AutoHotkey.

Hacks do exist for closing Explorer which then loses its mappings, registering all combinations to another program and then restarting Explorer.

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