Oki Tactile Gourd Spring

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Oki Tactile Gourd Spring
Manufacturer Oki Electric
Inventor Kazuo Aoki
Toshimi Chiba
Sadao Tachibana
Yasushi Nagatomo
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Spring over membrane
Peak force 70 cN
Patents US4927990


Developed by Oki Electric in the late 1980's as an extension to the Oki Gourd Spring switch to provide audible and tactile feedback. It's important to note that the patent directly references the IBM Model M switch tech, the IBM buckling spring (including cut-away actuation diagrams and a force curve).

These switches are only found in keyboards that were manufactured by Oki Electric, sometimes as OEM for other companies. Some electric typewriters made by Oki Electric might also have Oki Gourd Spring switches.

The term "Gourd Spring" seems to have originated from MouseFan of the Japanese keyboard community.[1]

Key feel

Smooth barrel with an audible and tactile instant before the spring fully depresses on the sense membrane.


All known keycaps are dye sublimated.


It is unlikely that Oki Electric still produces these switches, and since they are not available as single units, the entire keyboard has to be formed. Known keyboards are from the early 1990's.




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