Omron Alps-style switch

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Omron Alps-style switch
Omron Alps-style.jpg
Manufacturer Omron
Inventor Kazuo Maeda
Switch type Clicky, linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount
Patents JPH01109148U (1988)

Omron Alps-style switch is a provisional name for an Omron switch with a slider that is closer in shape to that of the Alps SKCL/SKCM series than the more common Omron B3G-S series switches.


Unlike the better known Omron B3G-S series (of which this could potentially be a variant), the shell is completely different. The Omron branding is on the bottom.[1] All switches discovered so far have white sliders.

The switch is slightly more compact, and has only two legs in the contact module compared to the three of the more common Omron keyswitch.



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