Omron B3G-S Lock

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Omron B3G-S Lock
Omron B3G-S flat white latching.jpg
Manufacturer Omron
Family Omron B3G-S series
Product code B3G-S300?
Switch type Alternate action
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Omron B3G-S Lock is a first-generation Omron B3G-S series switch. The part number is speculated to be B3G-S300, as the lock frame will not fit inside a B3G-S*N switch, and B3G-S300 has no replacement in the B3G-S*N series. This remains speculation however, as first generation documentation found to date makes no mention of switch.

The latch mechanism is the same as that patented for Omron B3G series, which itself appears to be a development of Cherry's 1972 design.




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