Omron B5GS-R101-620

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Omron B5GS-R101-620
SIC 101A8 -- top.jpg
FCC ID E4E6CYR101-620 (1987)
Manufacturer Omron
Layouts Asian 101
Keyswitches Omron B3G-S series amber and white
Dimensions 488 × 20.3 × 45 mm
Weight 2.2 kg

B5GS-R101-620 is a keyboard from Omron; based on the photographs from, it uses clicky amber and white Omron B3G-S series switches. The top case is plastic, below which is a metal back panel.


System Instruments 101A8

System Instruments 101A8 is a re-badged B5GS-R101-620. Most keys use amber switches. Space bar and enter use a white switch with a heavier spring. The date of the example below is uncertain. The controller chip appears to be dated 1987, while the support chips are from a year ending in 9, likely to be 1989. This is also consistent with the date range (1989-1991) cited by

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