Oriental Tech OK-100 series

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Oriental Tech OK-100 series
OTC OK-100M -- front.jpg
FCC ID IZEOK-100 (1991)
IZEOTCOK100M (1991)
Branding None
Manufacturer Oriental Tech
Layouts Asian 101
Keyswitches ATW Alps clone
Oriental Tech spring-over-membrane
Keycaps Cylindrical Alps-mount double-shot
Introduced ca. 1991 (FCC registration)

Oriental Tech OK-100 series is a series of keyboards from Oriental Tech Co Ltd of Taiwan. Metal contact and membrane versions exist, sharing the same case.


OK-100 series keyboards use Asian 101 layout, with a single-unit backspace key and a big-ass enter key. The keycaps are Tai-Hao TI series.

It appears that a single case was used for both the membrane and discrete switch variants; consequently, the slider guide shafts for the membrane version are in a discrete plate instead of being part of the top case of the keyboard.


According to an OK-100M box, the OK-100 series was sold in the following layouts: Arabic, Belgian, Canadian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, USSR, Italian, Korean, Latin America, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, UK and US.

The following models are referenced on the OK-100M box:

  • OK-100M
  • OK-101
  • OK-102 (not observed)
  • OK-103 (not observed)
  • OK-100
  • OK-100MB (not observed)
  • OK-101B (not observed)
  • OK-102B (not observed)


ATW Alps clone switches, mounted into a plastic plate.[1]


NIB OK-101 with Russian legends; the switch type is not known.