Oriental Tech spring-over-membrane

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Oriental Tech spring-over-membrane
Manufacturer Oriental Tech?
Switch type Progressive rate
Sense method Spring-over-membrane
Rated lifetime 10 M
Actuation force 60±20 cN (standard)
90±25 cN (space bar)
Pretravel 2±0.6 mm
Total travel 3.5±0.4 mm
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Moulded to mounting plate

Oriental Tech spring-over-membrane is a provisional name for a type of switch presently only recorded as being in keyboards from Oriental Tech. It is a progressive-rate spring-over-membrane design, with an exterior return spring placed under the keycap. The manufacturer is not known, but it's likely that it was an in-house design by Oriental Tech, for their OK-100 series of keyboards.