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Outelo SMD
Outelo SMD family.jpg
Manufacturer Unknown
Switch type Linear, clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Outelo clear top provisionally refers to an SMD LED switch family that is very close in design to Gaote PG150 series.

Many switches are branded "OUTELO" in the same typeface as Gaote use on Outemu switches. In some cases, the "OUTE" is matte while "LO" is reflective, as though a mould copy was taken and "MU" was replaced with "LO". The green switches are branded with a stylised letter "X", while the black switches are branded both "ET9" and "OUTELU". The switches depicted were obtained from AliExpress and no details are available on the origin or any of the branding.

The ET9 top shell takes through-hole RGB LEDs, and these appear to be a manufacturing error, as the bottom shell is designed for SMD LEDs, giving an incorrect combination of parts.

The blue and green clicky switches do not appear to have any technical differences; both have return springs of length 15.3 mm, exterior diameter 3.8 mm and gauge 0.24 mm. The click collar in both cases is lubricated where it engages with the movable contact. The colour and branding appear to be the only difference. The black switch is linear as expected.

The hysteresis indicator cam on the slider platform can be found on either side of the keystem, it appears that during production it is inserted either way around into the switch.

Gaote deny that "OUTELU" is their brand;[1] at the time, the hard-to-read branding was taken to read "OUTELU" but it appears instead to say "OUTELO".


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