Parts per switch

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The 11 parts that give complicated Alps its moniker
The 7 parts to a clicky Cherry MX switch

The number of parts in a switch varies greatly. The following table includes the switch shell in the part count. The part counts do not include extremely small parts that are permanently embedded inside other parts, primarily contact prisms (in part because one cannot be certain about the construction of these elements); larger parts that are clearly understood but cannot be non-destructively separated (e.g. plastic parts appearing to be moulded around metal parts) are counted separately.

Switch Introduced Type Parts
Futaba complicated linear ≤ 1981 Linear 16
Futaba linear lock ≤ 1981 Latching 15 or 16
Futaba simplified linear ≤ 1981 Linear 9
Futaba low-profile linear ≤ 1983 Linear 7
Alps SKCL Yellow Linear 10
Alps SKCM White Tactile 11
Alps SKCM Orange Tactile 11
Alps SKCM Cream Damped Tactile (damped) 13
Alps ultra low profile Clicky 8+
Matias click switch 2012 Clicky 7
Matias quiet switch 2012 Tactile (damped) 9
Cherry M8 (SPST open) Linear 5
Cherry M8 (SPST enclosed) Linear 6
Cherry MX Black 1984 Linear 6
Cherry MX White (Type A) 1987 Clicky 7
Cherry MY 1987 Linear 6
SMK second generation Clicky, tactile 7
Hi-Tek Series 725 black/blue Clicky 6
Hi-Tek Series 725 white/beige/grey/green Linear, tactile 5
RAFI RS 74 M SPDT latching - SPDT latching 10