Pertec XL40 keyboard

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Pertec XL40 keyboard
Pertec XL40 top.jpg
Manufacturer Pertec Computer Corporation (PCC)
Layouts QWERTY custom
Keyswitches Micro Switch SD Series
Keycaps Double-shot moulding
Weight 2784g
Years of production 1977-1984


This is the keyboard for the Pertec XL40 microcomputer introduced in 1977. The XL-40 was also marketed by Triumph-Adler in Europe as TA1540 or Alphatronic P40. Pertec used Honeywell Hall Effect switches for this keyboard. These Honeywell Hall Effect switches are marked "4A3B", "4A3A" and "6A1D" for the stabilizers.

As usual the base of the switch housing reads "MICRO USA" but there is no Micro Switch sticker anywhere on the keyboard and no Micro Switch marking on the PCB suggesting Pertec manufactured their own PCB and bought the switches from Honeywell. This keyboard has a "tweeter", an internal speaker which makes a noise when typing on the keys. There are two main PCC labels, one on the backplate, one on the inside including a total of eleven different serial numbers on labels, stickers and the case itself.

Pertec XL40 Keyboard

Pertec XL40 replacement Keyboard

This is a Pertec XL-40 replacement keyboard with brown instead of black doubleshots for the function keys. This keyboard also uses Micro Switch SD Series switches marked "4S1B" and "6A1D" for the stabilizers. It is to be noted that a Micro Switch production sticker is present on this replacement keyboard while it is absent on the complete keyboard above! The date code reads "8415" placing it in the 15th week of 1984.

Sperry Univac type 3555-00 keyboard

This keyboard for the Sperry Univac type 3555-00 part of the 1900/10 mainframe appears to be very similair to both Pertec XL40 keyboards above. According to the labels this was also manufactued by Pertec using Honeywell (Micro Switch) components. The Micro Switch production date reads "7943" putting it in the third week of October 1979. While the command keys are blue doubleshots here the keyboard uses the same layout with Micro Switch SD Series switches 4A3B, 4A1B and 6A1D. Notice the markings on the "tweeter" are identical to those on the Pertec XL40 Keyboard.

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