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Note: To learn how to build a Phantom, please look at the Phantom instruction guide.


The Phantom is a community-developed design for a tenkeyless keyboard with plate-mounted Cherry MX switches, intended to fit inside the case of a Filco Majestouch keyboard. Parts were produced/procured and sold together in a Phantom Group Buy during 2012, which did not include any case. The keyboard was engineered by bpiphany (formely "PrinsValium") following the original idea of HaveANiceDay. Bpiphany owns the copyright of the PCB. Text on the circuit board says: "All rights reserved, but just ask I won't charge anything", meaning that bpiphany will help set up an order for a batch of boards. Individual boards are available from online retailers. The controller is a Teensy 2.0, mounted under the main PCB between the rows for function and numeric keys. Unfortunately, not all third party cases that can hold the innards of a Filco have room for this controller board. The original group buy was conducted during 2012. A few group orders for specific parts have been organised since.

The unique qualities of the Phantom are:

  • Different layouts with the same PCB. Plates were made for ISO and ANSI, with and without Windows keys (and for a special "7bit layout"). The PCB supported more layout options than the official plates.
  • Fully programmable controller.
  • Custom-designed mounting holes in the switch plates, allowing most switches to be opened without desoldering. One purpose of this is to allow changing of switch types easily.



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