Philips P2812

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Philips P2812
Philips P2812-top view.jpg
Branding Philips
Manufacturer Hi-Tek
Layouts F XT
Keyswitches Hi-Tek Series 725
Keycaps Dye-sublimated PBT
Interface DIN (5 connectors in a 180 degree arc), probably XT
Years of production Around 1985 (see case mould date)
Discontinued Yes

The Philips P2812 is a keyboard that was sold with Philips' XT clone computers, e.g. the Philips P3105 or P3120.[1] The layout is an exact copy of IBM's model F XT (IBM PC 5150 keyboard). Judging from the lack of yellowing, the keycaps - including the space bar - are made from PBT and the legends are dye-sublimated. Both the Num Lock and the Caps Lock keys have a red LED window.

The keyboard was built by the Hi-Tek Corporation, and the company's logo is found on the inside of the case and on the PCB. White, linear Hi-Tek Series 725 switches (Space Invaders) are used; the only stabilized key is the 9.75 unit space bar.



  1. Kees's Computer Home — Garage — includes a picture with the keyboard plugged to what looks like a P3105.

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