Podworld 292

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Podworld 292
Branding None or OEM
Manufacturer Podworld
Keyswitches KPT-like switch (various)

Podworld 292 refers to two or more types of keyboard manufactured with FCC ID "HEU 292". On some boards this is apparently misspelt as "HEW 292". FCC grantee "HEU" is Podworld, and this provides the only manufacturer identification for these keyboards. In one instance, the PCB used was "made in Japan", in another, a model number of PT-605D was given by the manual;[1] in all other cases, the keyboard can only be identified by its FCC ID.

Podworld 292 keyboards all appear to have different varieties of KPT-like switches.


  • Alps Bigfoot-like case, black switches with amber sliders[2]
  • KPT KPT-102-like case, brown switches with white sliders[3]
  • KPT KPT-102-like case, with yellow "O"-series KPT-like switches
  • Unknown case, brown switches with pink sliders[1]


KPT KPT-102-like case

Pad-printed Cyrillic legends, and yellow "O"-series switches with a mixture of wide and regular fonts used for the mould numbering. The case is almost identical to that of the KPT KPT-102, with a few minor differences.