Printec-DS Sicotast S7

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Printec-DS Sicotast S7
Printec-DS S7 top.jpg
Manufacturer Printec-DS
Product code 20201
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Conductive dome
Rated lifetime 10 M
Actuation force 55±0.2 cN
Pretravel 3.25 mm
Total travel 3.45 mm
Keycap mount Proprietary inverse cross
Switch mount Custom PCB mount

Sicotast S7 is a discrete conductive dome switch from Printec-DS, originally manufactured by DS Keyboard Technic.


The switch comprises a dome, slider and shell. The switch assembly is designed to snap into holes in an underlying PCB, and the carbon-coated conductive pad on the rubber dome is designed to bridge conductive traces on a PCB. The specification describes it as being "Self cleaning about the silicon contact pellet" and "maintenance free".

The switch series is no longer listed on the Printec-DS website, but it is confirmed to be still in production with no plans to discontinue it.[1]



The following pictures depict the Goedhart VisiCom.



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