QWERkeys classic video game series

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QWERkeys classic video game series
QWERkeys video game GB -- assorted.jpg
Organiser(s) nubbinator, BunnyLake
Type Keycaps
Manufacturer QWERkeys
Keycap mounts Cherry MX
Keycap profiles Cherry profile
Opened 2013-07-08
Order deadline 2013-08-01
Shipped on 2014-01-25

QWERkeys classic video game series was a non-profit novelty keycaps group buy of QWERkeys J series keycaps imprinted with classic video game series sprites. Keycap printing was achieved using QWERkeys's UV printing process.


The keycaps used are QWERkeys's J series, which in this instance at least were fairly thick; at the base, the walls of the keycap are 1.5 mm thick.


The following keycap sets were available:

  • MegaMan: four MegaMan poses, Rush, and E-tank
  • Commander Keen 1–3: Keen, two aliens, and lollipop
  • Pac-Man: Pac-Man, cherry, the four ghosts, and the two alternating states of scared ghosts
  • Space Invaders: four aliens, in colour, all black, and all white
  • Leaf: available in various colours

Keycaps were available in the following base colours:

  • White
  • Light grey
  • Dark grey
  • Black
  • Magenta
  • Brunswick green
  • Royal blue


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