Qtronix KT-30

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Qtronix KT-30
Qtronix KT-30M.jpg
Part number Qtronix KT-30
Branding Mighty Board
Manufacturer Qtronix
Keyswitches Cherry MX Blue, others?
Interface XT/AT switchable (keyboard), Serial interface (mouse)

Qtronix KT-30 is a keyboard featuring a large three-button trackball. The design is similar to the Cherry G80-1800, but with the lock LEDs to the left of the function key row instead of to its right. Where Cherry added a small trackball by raising the numeric keypad in the Cherry G80-11800, Qtronix placed a much larger trackball to the far right.

The keyboard is XT/AT switchable, with a serial lead for the trackball.

Instances with Cherry MX Blue switches are documented here. There are apparently other variants of this board with different switches.



Sandy has documented the board as having Cherry MX Blue switches, pictured below.



This keyboard has vintage Cherry MX Blue switches.

The keycaps are a mix of double-shot and dye-sub. The 1u keycaps are double-shot. All others are dye-sub. They seem to be Tao Hao.

The PCB design includes anti-ghosting diodes.


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